Employment Opportunities

NEQALS is working hard to change the culture of EMS. We call this “NEQv2”. We want our employees to be well rested, well nourished and have clear minds so they are ready to take calls. Our new base gives staff bedrooms in which to rest, a Day Room with a commercial kitchen to make healthy meals for yourself or your team, a training room to learn new skills and maintain existing skills. We empower our crews to do what is best for our patients, each other and the community.

We offer a competitive rate and benefits for full-time staff including paid holidays and vacation. All employees are eligible for a 401K with match and paid sick time per NYS guidelines. In addition we offer a relaxed work environment in one of the fastest growing areas in Monroe County and a great mix of trauma, medical and other EMS calls, allowing you to practice all of your skills without getting burned out.


NEQALS follows the NYS DoH policy statement number 00-10 in regards to establishing guidelines for employment for all levels of EMTs.

In addition to these, NEQALS also has the requirements below for employment. Where these conflict with any found in the DoH policy, the following supersede the DoH guidelines.

  • 19 years of age
  • Current NYS Certified EMT-B or PARAMEDIC
  • Valid NYS Drivers License (approval from insurance company)
  • No criminal record (misdemeanor or felony / verifiable)
  • Submit to a drug screen urinalysis upon application
  • Commit to 24 hours of service / month
  • Be able to handle the physical demands of EMS
  • A passion to contribute to the success of the NEQ organization
  • Able to work in a command structured environment

If you wish to apply, please fill out the secure online employment application form on our website, directly below, and hit submit once completed.

Personal Information

Position Information

Check all that you are willing to work


Please list any education or training you feel relates to the position applied for that would help you perform the work, such as schools, colleges, degrees, vocational or technical programs, and military training.

Special Skills


Please list three professional references not related to you, with full name, address, phone number, and relationship. If you don’t have three professional references, then list personal, unrelated references.

Work History

Start with your present or most recent employment and work back.

I certify that the facts set forth in this Application for Employment are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if I am employed, false statements, omissions or misrepresentations may result in my dismissal. I authorize the Employer to make an investigation of any of the facts set forth in this application and release the Employer from any liability. The employer may contact any listed references on this application.

I acknowledge and understand that the company is an “at will” employer. Therefore, any employee (regular, temporary, or other type of category employee) may resign at any time, just as the employer may terminate the employment relationship with any employee at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice to the other party

North East Quadrant Advanced Life Support would like to thank those who have helped support our mission over the years.


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