Our New Facility

Bringing Plans to Reality

Since our inception in 1988, NEQALS has operated out of begged, borrowed, and now rented space. For many years we literally ran the agency from various kitchen and dining room tables. Our current leased location, which we moved into in 2008, was the first time we could actually store our vehicles in a single location. However while providing much needed office, storage, and training space, we quickly outgrew it. We knew that to continue to meet the challenges of providing emergency medical services in the community we must build a permanent facility. Our requirements were simple, find a central location in our area of responsibility that was affordable, had good north/south and east/west egress, construct an affordable facility that would provide financial stability, and would meet our operational needs well into the future.

The search for an appropriate location for a permanent facility has been many years in duration. This location on Jackson Road meets our needs in size, location, and most importantly, cost. This new facility will provide us the space we need, which we sorely lack now, to better maintain, and to train, and respond to the community.

Working with Passero Associates, we are currently in the detail design phase. Once designed we will have the plans we need to begin construction. However before we can put shovel to dirt, we need your help. While we will finance the majority of the construction, we need your donation to close the gap between the cost of construction and monies available to us through a lending broker. We would appreciate your donation to help us close this gap. To donate, please visit our DONATION page.

Where We're Going

Our new facility will be located at 1030 Jackson Rd. in Webster New York, just north of Ukrainian Cultural Center and Webster Fairport Elks locations.

Plan Documents

The following documents represent our initial planning for the site, exterior, and interior spaces.

Exterior Views

First Floor

Second Floor

Site Plan

North East Quadrant Advanced Life Support would like to thank those who have helped support our mission over the years.


For more information and to help us reach our funding goal, please visit our DONATION page.

For non-emergency assistance please write to us through our website’s secured contact page or call (585) 787-9060.