Our New Facility: Bringing Plans to Reality


Since our inception in 1988, NEQALS has operated out of begged, borrowed, and now rented space.

For many years we literally ran the agency from various kitchen and dining room tables. We started discussing building a dedicated base for NEQALS in 2005. 

In 2008 we moved into our current location, which was a great home for NEQALS when we had 1-2 paramedics on duty and only 3 flycars. While this base allowed us to have a few offices and places to house our flycars, there were no sleeping quarters or kitchen due to zoning restrictions. And so, for many years, our crews slept on sofas or recliners and we ate out of microwaves. 

In 2015, we bought a parcel on Jackson Rd. We started to put designs together for a base for NEQALS and its flycars. Then things changed.

In 2016, working with the Town of Webster and other first responder agencies in the town, we formed Webster Emergency Medical Services. Suddenly, we went for needing a base for a few paramedics and operations staff to a location to house 2 (now 6) ambulances, 4 (now 6) flycars and duty crews of up to 8 people per shift. 

We wanted to wait a few years to get Webster EMS up and running before moving ahead with the new base. We drafted, refined, revised, fine-tuned and finalized a great building layout with LaBella Associates, engaged Maloney Construction to build the base for us, and financed our loan with Northwest Bank.

Finally, in September of 2020 we broke ground on our new base. This facility will not only house all our vehicles in one place, but will have ample room for our operations staff to work, a space for our crews to rest and eat, and a dedicated space to train our staff as well as the community.

The search for an appropriate location for a permanent facility has been many years in duration. This location on Jackson Road meets our needs in size, location, and most importantly, cost. This new facility will provide us the space we need, which we sorely lack now, to better maintain, and to train, and respond to the community.

On December 10, 2021, NEQALS and WEMS moved into our new base. After 20 years of planning, fundraising and working hard to have a home of our own, we finally made it so!


Where We Are

Our new facility is located at 1030 Jackson Rd. in Webster New York, just north of Ukrainian Cultural Center and Webster Fairport Elks. We welcome visitors Monday-Friday 9-4 and have a Community Room which local groups are welcome to use. To book the Community Room, email Administrator@NEQALS.org.

Community Partners

North East Quadrant Advanced Life Support would like to thank those who have helped support our mission over the years.


For more information and to help us reach our funding goal, please visit our DONATION page.

For non-emergency assistance please write to us through our website’s secured contact page or call (585) 787-9060.