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As one can imagine, the cost of providing pre hospital emergency medical services, like any other medical service, is significant. Variable costs for supplies, medications, and staff, as well as fixed costs for things like facilities and insurance all contribute to our overall expenses and the rates we charge our patients. As NEQALS is not a taxing entity like the local fire departments that provide ambulance service, NEQALS recovers the majority of the costs of our services through fees billed to the users of that service. In billing our patients for fees not covered by insurance, we are required to follow state insurance law and federal regulations in how we bill, which in turn also affects the rates we charge for our service.

We also understand that there can be those in the community that for various reasons would have difficulty in paying these fees. If you feel you will have difficulty in paying for our service, please see our policy here.

For answers to commonly asked questions about who NEQALS is, including the type of service we provide and our billing practices, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Billing Inquiries

If you have questions about your bill, please contact Logical Billing Solutions at (585) 563-1112 to speak with a billing representative.

To pay your bill online through our website’s secure online payment form, click below.

Pay Online

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