Our Commitment to Low Income Patients

Northeast Quadrant Advanced Life Support (NEQALS) is committed to better serving our community by working together to identify and adopt best practices that benefit our patients and the community. In order to fulfill Northeast Quadrant Advance Life Support's charitable mission and purpose, Northeast Quadrant Advanced Life Support maintains a charity care policy for certain patients.

Charity care is available to patients who are unable to pay for all or part of their care for various reasons. Charity care is not available to patients who are able to pay for their care. For those patients who are able to pay for their care, arrangements can be made as to the timing of payment, such as by payment plans. Payment plans are available regardless of income and situational status.

It is not the intent of this policy to provide charity care to patients who are either underinsured or have higher deductibles or copayments.

Northeast Quadrant Advanced Life Support's Program is designed to:

  • Provide full charity care to low income or uninsured patients earning less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Income Guideline (FPIG).
  • Provide catastrophic protection to low income or uninsured patients by limiting their payment liability to between 10% and 30% of their annual household income.
  • Provide extended payment plans with no interest charges to our low income and uninsured patients.

Patients must contact NEQALS's agent in writing. NEQALS's agent is:
          Logical Billing Solutions
          P.O. Box 16996
          Rochester, New York 14616

Patients must provide the following information:

  • Assurance that they do not have insurance coverage, or evidence of what coverage they do have and the applicable patient obligations.
  • Assurance that they do not qualify for governmental insurance programs.
  • Assurances of their income and/or employment status permitting Northeast Quadrant Advance Life Support to make a reasoned judgment as to whether charity care is available to them.

All information received by Northeast Quadrant Advanced Life Support will remain confidential. Any patient providing misleading information may be reassessed the total bill.

Download our policy page here.

North East Quadrant Advanced Life Support would like to thank those who have helped support our mission over the years.


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